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Waste Water Assessment & Design

Waste Water Assessment & Design

Residential wastewater assessment and design

GES have designed more than 5000 approved residential wastewater systems in Tasmania, including numerous challenging sites with alternative design solutions. GES are able to accurately assess site and soil conditions and design the appropriate wastewater solution for client needs.

Design solutions include conventional septic tank and trench absorption systems, modified beds, sand filters, mounds, advanced septic tank systems (such as AES & Eljen)and irrigation designs for aerated wastewater treatment systems.

Commercial/industrial wastewater systems

GES have been involved in designing the wastewater treatment systems for many commercial businesses throughout Tasmania, including;

  • Hobart Brewing company brewery and red shed outlet
  • Lark distillery
  • Redlands distillery
  • McHenry distillery visitor centre and accommodation
  • Stefano Lubiano Wines restaurant and cellar door facilities
  • Pooley wines cellar door facilities
  • Frogmore Creek cellar door and restaurant
  • Wicked Cheese factory and retail facility
  • Bruny Island Cheese factory and retail facility
  • Wyndam Resort Seven Mile Beach commercial wastewater system

Sensitive/remote area wastewater systems

GES has worked extensively with the Tasmanian Government and commercial operators to design wastewater systems that are suitable for National Parks around Tasmania including:

  • Parks and Wildlife Service – new visitor toilet facilities Freycinet national park
  • Parks and Wildlife Service – new visitor toilet facilities Friendly Beaches
  • Parks and Wildlife Service – Fortescue Bay camp ground new facilities
  • Three Capes Track Project – Walkers huts -Tasman National Park
  • Tasmanian Walking Company – Private huts – Three Capes
  • Tasmanian Walking Company – Cradle Mountain National park
  • Maria Island Walks – Visitor facilities – Maria Island National Park
  • Roaring 40’s Kayaking – Visitor Facilities – Bathurst Harbour – World Heritage Area
  • Parks and Wildlife Service staff accommodation – Freycinet National Park
  • Parks and Wildlife Service staff accommodation – Arthur-Pieman Conversation Area
  • Parks and Wildlife Service staff accommodation – Bruny Island Reserve
  • Parks and Wildlife Service – Visitor Facilities – Southport Lagoon Conversation Area