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Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical Services

GES offers a full range of services across the residential and commercial construction industries.

We have a team of engineering geologists and soil scientists with significant experience in large scale construction projects and thorough knowledge of local ground conditions in Tasmania. Our services include:

  • Geotechnical Drilling and logging
  • In situ testing- shear vane, DCP, PSP
  • Sampling and coordination of geotechnical testing programs
  • Embankment and cutting stability assessments
  • Landslide Risk Modelling
  • Bearing Capacity/settlement Determinations
  • Hydrogeological Investigations

Recent projects include:

  • Hobart International Airport runway extension
  • Midlands Highway upgrade project
  • University of Tasmania ACIPA Building
  • Ibis hotel Hobart
  • Myer (Hobart central) redevelopment
  • Common Ground Hobart multistorey residential apartment development
  • Tribe Sandy Bay Road multistorey Hotel development
  • Elliots apartments multistorey residential apartment development
  • Harrington Street multistorey residential apartment development